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  1. JAMES

    Presale Cryptocurrency With Enormous Potential Gains

    Dash 2 Trade (D2T) Dash 2 Trade, created by the Learn 2 Trade service, provides investors with market-driven insights, trading signals, and prediction services. The cryptocurrency initiative promises to provide consumers with enough information to make sound decisions. D2T is an Ethereum-based...
  2. JAMES

    Lack of Trust in Exchanges Triggers FUD

    The recent Bitcoin decline surprised most market participants because the dust had settled following the FTX crisis. Despite Santiment's explanation, the first cryptocurrency is still struggling to hold on to its value. Santiment, an analytical firm, tweeted about the declining value of BTC/USD...
  3. JAMES

    Bitcoin Price Prediction as Crypto Prices Crash Here’s Where BTC is Headed Next

    During the European session, Bitcoin finally made some upside movement, having bounced off the double-bottom support level of $15,650. Genesis Global Capital, one of the largest cryptocurrency lenders, halted customer withdrawals due to a liquidity issue caused by an increase in withdrawal...