How To Get US Bank Account And Virtual Credit Card For Cashout Method


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May 13, 2020
Getting the bank account
It is not advisable for you to use your real bank account details in making this transfer so you need a fake bank details. this is a very simple way to get the bank details both within and out the U.S.A . Lets assume you are not in the USA but if you are in the states, you should bypass the first steps.

1. Go to any Dropper Service and get a virtual USA address, this will serve as your own resident address in the USA though you are not physically in the US . any item or goods sent to this address will be forwarded back to your real address in your country . NOTE: you need this address to enable you get the ATM card attached to the bank account.

2. Get Fullz Information USA like ssn number and DOB and go to and open an account using the ssn details you get. After your is verified, the ATM card attached to the bank details they gave you will be mailed to your residential address in the USA, this means you have to use the address you that u get from shipping forwarder service. after card arrived at ur drop u just need re-ship it your real address in your country. You now have a bank account with your debit ready.

This account u can use it for cashout with any paypal acc or moneygram or wu pay transfer.. and alot more.

If u want get money by cashout any CC what u need to next is :

Setting up your merchant account
Note: the merchant account will enable you charge money from the cards you buy and afterwards, transfer to your bank account. Since you don’t have a web store and you and not selling any thing, you will then have to go through funding raising websites, using their own merchant account. Now login to create an account with them and set up a campaign with them, if you don’t know how to set up the campaign, go to and copy any campaign of your choice. Now your campaign is set up and ready to receive funds .

Generating money and making the transfer
Now you are ready to make it happen. This step shows how to generate the $$$. uy any card of your choice, after buying your cards, take note of the credit card country, city and address. Connect your vpn to the country of the card, after that use your socks 5 to connect to the city of the card. Lets assume you bought a USA card and the city is Rochester in new York , all you need to do is connect your vpn to NEW YORK, USA, then connect your socks 5 to NEW YORK, ROCHESTER. Once you are connected, it would appear to the credit card company that its the real owner of the card that is making the transactions. Now go to your campaign page and click on DONATE, it would bring you to a secure payment page, enter the card details and submit. The card will be charged and the money will go straight to your account on .


NOTE: don’t charge more than $200 on any card, lets assume you buy ten credit cards and charge each card $200 times 10, you discover you are making $2000 every day.

Withdrawing your money to your bank account
On your campaign account, you will see all the money you have charged from the credit card live on the account, now on your cpanel, navigate to where you see WITHDRAW, click on it. It will then redirect you to the page where you will set up an account with wepay . use the bank account details you got from to set up your wepay account . once your wepay account is set, go back to and click withdraw, your $2000 will now enter your wepay account instantly.
NOTE: wepay will process the $2000 to the account details you provide within two or three business days.

After you have received money in the bank account, you can now login to and transfer the money online to any other bank account or you can withdraw the money using your debit card or you can send the money via money gram from your cpanel . You can send the noney gram to yourself or any body and after wards, go to shop and pick up.

Now you can generate as much money as you want for yourself.
Contact me if you have any difficult or challenge or if you need further explanations on any area you don’t understand.
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